God's Club

No Time to Fear

A faith-based feature about a public school teacher fighting against angry parents who are insisting on the separation of church and state and pushing for the end of the school’s Bible club. Everything changes, however, when the parents witness their own children find faith and be “saved.” Directed by Jared Cohn and starring Stephen Baldwin, Corbin Bernsen and Lorenzo Lamas.

All Fall Down

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Always a Thorn

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Political thriller exposing the Secret Service cover up of drug smuggling by the President's son while in office. A dark tale of high times and how they all fall down.
Overcoming a fit of depression and suicidal tendencies, a young man joins his sister and her friends on a camping trip. In the midst of this, they stumble on a statue that releases the spirit of a German doppelganger. Now, the spirit won't rest until everyone involved is dead.


The Agency

A cautionary tale about narcissism ; ) Viral on youtube, this horror film by the brilliant filmmaker, Leonardo Barthel, stars Dianna Renée, Scott Cartmill, Skylar Björn and Trenten Michael.
"Agency" is a fast-paced comedic look at the world of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles through the eyes of a talent agency intern, Lauren. Lauren is unique due to a peculiar trait that causes her to "lose time" at random moments throughout the day. During these brief periods of altered states, she envisions different worlds and exciting situations that help solve her problems in the real world.


A U.S. soldier seeks revenge against eastern european rebels who killed his best friend during combat. Will he survive? 
Thirteen years after the civil war, tales of cursed gold lead good men astray, bad men to murder and good women 
​on a path to revenge.


A Prayer for the Damned

Two young men, each on the verge of a new life come across two police officers, one rookie first day one the job, and the other a seasoned cop who plays by her own rules.

Many have seen, some have heard, and none have forgotten: the giant hairy creature with glowing red eyes that locals refer to as the Beast of Bayou Dorcheat. When the long dormant Bigfoot monster seemingly begins a brutal reign of terror, a glamorous talk show host, Dr. Anna Rock, must leave her highly coveted position to search for her younger sister Megan, a Bigfoot researcher, in the swampy wilderness of northern Louisiana.